I-4 From I-75 to McIntosh Rd, Hillsborough County, Florida
Back in 1995, I remember watching then-state senator Malcolm Beard speak at the groundbreaking ceremony
for this project; the first of several FDOT I-4 widening projects linking the Tampa Bay area with metropolitan
Orlando. As the engineer of record for the signing and pavement marking plans,  I agreed with the Senator when
he stated: "This project is badly needed. I-4 has been obsolete and dangerous for a long time."
The project  was the first of more than a dozen
separate I-4 projects in both Hillsborough and Polk
counties to be constructed during the 12 year period
that followed this event.

Today, as a result of these projects, I-4 has eight lanes
from I-275 to C.R. 579, then at least six lanes through
the rest of Hillsborough and Polk Counties.
Striping that clearly delineates lane assignments on
the ramps and side streets is essential for maximizing
the safety and efficiency of the roadway design.
For each project, the Signing and Pavement Marking plans, especially at the interchanges, are of vital
importance to the operational safety of the improved facility. Guide signs need to be carefully placed in order to
effectively guide motorists through the interchange towards their destinations.