RGI Traffic Engineering is an engineering / planning firm located in the Tampa Bay
area. Our President and Chief Engineer, Josh Robinson, P.E. has over 30 years
experience in traffic studies of all types. He is also the Engineer of Record on more
than 100 traffic design projects, which include signalization, signing and pavement
marking, highway lighting, and maintenance of traffic plans.

RGI is prequalified by the Florida Department of Transportation for the following types
of work:

Group 6 - Traffic Engineering and Operations Studies

6.1        Traffic Engineering Studies
6.2        Traffic Signal Timing
6.3.1      Intelligent Transportation Systems Analysis and Design

Group 7 - Traffic Operations Design

7.1        Signing, Pavement Marking and Channelization
7.2        Highway Lighting
7.3        Signalization

Group 13 - Planning

13.6       Land Planning / Engineering
Contact Information:

Email:         josh@robinsongrp.com

Phone:       (813) 966-9960

Address: 1
8546 Avocet Drive
  Lutz, FL  33558
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Josh Robinson has written several traffic-related articles for
the Bradenton Herald, in Bradenton, Florida. Some of his
published articles include:

Can the I-75 Bridge Be Fixed in Six Weeks?
Can Biking be Part of Daily Commute?
Editor's Blog: Take a Ride With the King of the Road