The real challenge of this project was selecting the most
appropriate light fixture; one which was not only
decorative, but also capable of lighting the roadway and
adjacent pathways within the required illumination safety
standards. The chosen "subliminal-style" steel fixture
included luminaire arms shaped like rolling waves, to
resemble cranes that represent the Channel District's
maritime past.
The colors of the fixtures blended in with the theme of the "gateway";
where motorists heading into downtown see reflective lights in
wake-up colors from reds to yellows.

In the reverse direction out of downtown, motorists see calm-down
colors from greens to blues.
The pathway lighting included a uplight fixture that reflects the light outward from a cone-like shield, thus allowing the
pathway to be lit without any direct glare. The project included several combined roadway/pedestrian lighting fixtures as
well as separate fixtures for each.
Meridian Avenue, Downtown Tampa, Florida
Opened in March 2006, Meridian Avenue now serves as the "gateway" between the new elevated express lanes
of the Lee Roy Selmon Expressway and the Channel District in Downtown Tampa. This $50 million project
includes decorative lighting for the "boulevard"  as well as the adjacent meandering pedestrian pathways on both
sides of  the roadway.